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OnPoint History

It all began with sore fingers, damaged arrow points and an inventive guy named Bob.  This is his story…


While practicing archery, I was disappointed with the target pins on the market. They were hard on my hands and painful to insert into high-density foam bales. They even caused damage to arrow points with contact.  I needed a better product to secure my targets, so I started creating my own.


The first target pin I created was a brightly colored ball attached to a steel pin. I began testing it at my neighborhood archery shop, Predator’s Archery in Gilroy, CA. I was surprised to find, days after testing, the pins were still in the target bales. However, the balls were now covered in holes. Apparently, the pro-shooters were using the pins as small spot targets.  While it was not my intended use, I certainly could understand the need they served. The pins drew a lot of positive attention from local archers and the requests for more pins kept coming in.  


From the first ball pin, a whole range of ball targets were created. It also began the inception of my company, Bob’s Archery Balls. The product lines expanded and gained popularity. One of the most popular products has been a “D” target face pin. It is strong, easy to use, and features an integrated finger loop.


My desire to create innovative, unique products that make recreational shooting fun is still my primary focus. In fact, it has led to even further growth and transformations.  What was once, Bob’s Archery Balls has grown to OnPoint Target Products. OnPoint Target Products provides all the cornerstone products along with some new, must-try targets and point of aim products…there are even some with strobe lights! The creativity continues. 

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